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Live tv scrip

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Livetvscript is a script based on php , mysql and ajax. Adding channels and modifying site features will all be done
at the Admin Panel – making site management quite a breeze! From the Admin Panel, you can easily manage the following:
- Categories - TV Channels/ Videos
- Technical Problems
- Terms and Conditions
- News Live TV Script is the answer to all your live television streaming needs.
It is easy to install and very efficient! In addition to making your site more interesting, you can easily increase
your site revenue with Live TV Script. Visitors and guests to your website will definitely stick around longer with
live television streaming. It will enhance your website’s appeal and keep your regular visitors updated with the
latest video! It is simply an effective way to keep your clients interested! Live TV Script will allow you to pull in
live television streaming from other websites like You Tube, Daily Motion, Stage 6 and any other video site.


Скрипт,для организации трансляций ТВ , вообщем-то клон You Tube (:


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